Possibilities are Endless

Being at your office or creating an office, it's easy wherever you are. 

NomadeSole is a mobile network that is ready to connect you and your team to the world, power critical devices or record what is happening in real-time.

Nomad Sole is a robust data continuity solution that combines a next generation power system with cellular connectivity and optional high definition surveillance cameras. Nomad Sole can operate as a closed case design that is 100% weatherproof or open and accommodate auxiliary electronics that require DC power.

Your team will enjoy an ultra fast WiFi(ac) hotspot complete with a camera system that can be remotely viewed. Managing multiple Nomads? No problem, each case has a live GPS tracking system included that can be viewed through a web portal.

All this translates into a unit which is as light and as portable as it can get without compromising on performance and reliability. 

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Prefer to wear the NomadSole on your back?

By definition NomadeSole wants to move and we make that easy with a backpack option that includes all of the same features as the original. Our backpack version also includes a crush proof laptop case and a little extra space for other travel items. 


NomadSole Features

Cutting edge function and design

Reliable Lithium Power System

Our LifePO4 battery can cycle more than 2,000 times
and last for up to 10 years

Robust Cellular Connectivity

By using the NomadSole high quality antennas you can connect with 4G carriers simultaneously or as fail-over

HD IP Video

Connect and view live footage from the NomadeSole up to 4 cameras and in 4K resolution all over 4G LTE

Secure Communications

Stateful Firewall, VPN, Virtual Cloud Networks and highly 
secure AC WiFi and Guest WiFi

Water Proof Closed Case Design

Lightweight and rugged that allows all connectivity while being 100% waterproof

Power Auxilary Equipment

Need to power or charge additional equipment such as satellite phones, HAM radio equipment, Cameras and AEDs

Our Models

All hard case NomadSole come with a waterproof closed case design, interconnects, cellular gateway and optional 4 camera surveillance camera system.

NS9  NS30 NS60
Fail Over 4G LTE Dual Sim Technology Dual Sim Technology Dual Sim Technology
GPS Tracking Web Portal with Live Mapping Web Portal with Live Mapping Web Portal with Live Mapping
WiFi Hot Spot 802.11a/b/g/n/a/ac 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Charging AC & Off Grid Solar AC & Off Grid Solar AC & Off Grid Solar
Runtime 6w / 20w 15hrs / 5hrs 60hrs / 18hrs 120hrs / 36hrs
Dimensions 12"x10"x8" 22"x14"x8" 22"x14"x10"
Weight 13 Pounds 26 Pounds 42 Pounds

Do you have a custom requirement?  Let us know and we can engineer something from the ground up specifically for your complex needs.

Never lose connectivity again

Join us and connect where you want to.