Complete Video Suite on the Cloud.

Streaming + Storage + Analytics./

Being at your office or creating an office, it's easy wherever you are.  

Jet Stream is a mobile network that is ready to connect you and your team to the world, power critical devices or record what is happening in real-time.

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100s of companies run Jet Stream to monitor their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Jet Stream Cloud Hybrid Solution

Jet Stream is a professional cloud based video monitoring platform. We provide businesses the opportunity to deliver an industry grade cloud based VMS with top of the line features to their clients at an affordable cost. 3dEYE operates through Amazon’s S3 servers to provide additional redundancy and security to your data.

Jet Stream is a robust suite of cloud based video surveillance tools:

  • Admin portal, customer portal, end-user mobile, web and executable apps.
  • Support any ONVIF based camera and NVR.
  • Cloud and Local/Hybrid recording.
  • Flexible alarm and event schedules.
  • API for integration with existing alarm or access management systems. 
  • Pay as you go plans, for those who don't want to have fixed camera fees.

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Cloud First Video Surveillance

This is some more text describing the solution.  By definition NomadeSole wants to move and we make that easy with a backpack option that includes all of the same features as the original. Our backpack version also includes a crush proof laptop case and a little extra space for other travel items. 

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Jet Stream Features

Cutting edge function and design

Reliable Lithium Power System

Our LifePO4 battery can cycle more than 2,000 times
and last for up to 10 years

Robust Cellular Connectivity

By using the NomadSole high quality antennas you can connect with 4G carriers simultaneously or as fail-over

HD IP Video

Connect and view live footage from the NomadeSole up to 4 cameras and in 4K resolution all over 4G LTE

Secure Communications

Stateful Firewall, VPN, Virtual Cloud Networks and highly 
secure AC WiFi and Guest WiFi

Water Proof Closed Case Design

Lightweight and rugged that allows all connectivity while being 100% waterproof

Power Auxilary Equipment

Need to power or charge additional equipment such as satellite phones, HAM radio equipment, Cameras and AEDs

Never lose connectivity again

Join us and connect where you want to.