Cloud First Video Management

Axiom brings you the best cloud first video surveillance platform for surveillance and communications. Axiom delivers fast live streaming and advanced analytics for real-time prevention and response.

Axiom True Cloud Solution

Axiom is a professional cloud based video monitoring platform. We provide businesses the opportunity to deliver an industry grade cloud based VMS with top of the line features to their clients at an affordable cost. Axiom operates through Amazon’s S3 servers to provide additional redundancy and security to your data.

Axiom is a robust suite of cloud based video surveillance tools:

  • Admin portal, customer portal, end-user mobile, web and executable apps.
  • Support any ONVIF based camera and NVR.
  • Cloud and Local/Hybrid recording.
  • Flexible alarm and event schedules.
  • API for integration with existing alarm or access management systems. 
  • Pay as you go plans, for those who don't want to have fixed camera fees.


Odoo • Text and Image

Cloud First Video Surveillance

We provide a "cloud-first" (AWS) approach for surveillance systems along with machine-learning analytics to provide the best end user experience.

Axiom Features

Cutting edge function and design

Object and Scene Detection

Identify thousands of objects such as people, vehicles, animals or 100s of other objects.

Face Recognition

Get notified immediately when a person of interest is recognized

Time Lapse Video

Create a time lapse movie without the need for you stitch all of the clips together.

Add a great slogan.

Audio Communications

Microphone recording and talk back included

Alerts and Notifications

Customized alert notifications based on object detection and facial recognition


Create useful heatmaps for both indoor and outdoor movement