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Efficient video surveillance and easy to useWindows download

Ksenos is an easy to use VMS application made in Finland.  It is suitable for video surveillance systems of all sizes. The system can consist of one or more servers and multiple optimized remote clients. Both IP and analog cameras can be connected to Ksenos servers.

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Ksenos is a perfect choice for loss monitoring in supermarkets, boutiques, and shopping malls. Active surveillance of sites is easy due to fast smart search and real-time live monitoring.

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Large yards and industry processes require reliable usage and search features for both live and recordings. Using PTZ cameras simplifies monitoring large areas.

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For the needs of logistics, license plate recognition can be combined with video surveillance system, both controlled by the same Ksenos user interface. The scalability of Ksenos enables connecting different business units of large logistics chains into one centralized control room.

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Real Estate

Indoor and outdoor surveillance requires different kinds of cameras. Ksenos ONVIF and RTSP support enable connecting almost all camera models on the market. Therefore the right solution for real estate surveillance can always be found.

Notification window

Ksenos enables the creation of notifications and alarms based on events, such as motion in a specific area. These notifications and alarms will appear on a notification list that is shown to the user. Clicking the notification will take you directly to the event.

Smart area search

Smart area search enables quickly searching for motion in a specific area, on either one or more cameras simultaneously.

Ksenos is feature rich

Editable layouts

Users can create and save custom layouts under quick layout buttons. This enables rapid switching between layouts with a single keypress. More custom layouts can be stored in the layout drop-down menu.

User management

Individualized user management brings safety and makes it easier for system administrators. Different parts of Ksenos VMS can be authorized and defined separately for each user and / or for specified features.

Privacy mask

Privacy masks can be used for concealing selected items in images, such as security keypads. Privacy masks can also be used when creating a video clip, for example to protect the identities of bystanders.

Fish eye optics

Cameras with 360-degree optics distort the image, which Ksenos then dewarps into normal images. In camera view a simulated PTZ function is available for both live and recorded images.

Program diagnostics

Enables real-time fault detection from local or remote recorder and cameras.


This function marks a tag on timeline and bookmark into the log for time period in question. Bookmarks can be quickly created by tapping spacebar on keyboard. Event recovery is easy by selecting bookmark from the bookmarklist. Bookmarks can be named individually.

Floorplan / Map

The interactive floorplan / map offers visually clear overall view of all cameras and their locations at the premises. Several layers, e.g. countries, cities, buildings and floors can be added to this feature.


Cameras are managed easily using the treeview. The user can create cameragroups of their own, and organize cameras within groups. Treeview works together with floorplan / map.


On timeline one or several time periods can be chosen and a backup can be created easily either on local harddrive or a network drive. The backup can be viewed either with workstation or client.

Audio recording

IP cameras with microphones enable recording audio. The level of audio recordings can be adjusted and the recording shows as a separate timeline in addition to image timeline.

Editable rules

Versatile rule programming enables specifying of different alarms, timetables, emails, events and control information as desired.

Video clip

Ksenos enables the export of video clips to external recording media. Multiple cameras from different time periods can be included in a video clip.



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